Hello and Welcome to < Kill Mode >!

< Kill Mode > is a Mid-core raiding guild on the TLP server, Coirnav. While this is a new server, many of us have prior EQ and raiding experience. We intend to clear content while it's current and continue to farm relevant raids/items even after moving into new zones and expansions. Our focus is to attract more mature players who enjoy a positive, friendly, helpful atmosphere with lots of others to share the adventure.

Our raid times are...
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday (7:30 - 10:30est)
Friday (7:30 - 11:30est)
With an optional non-dkp raid on mondays.
- Raiding is encouraged but not required.

All members MUST read our new Guide/Rulebook to raid, as you WILL be held to its standards! :)
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